Reindeer Paper Bag Craft Kids

Reindeer Paper Bag Craft Kids

Reindeer Paper Bag Craft Kids.

Cut out the template pieces. fold the corners of the flippy tab under and glue tape them to make a triangular head shape. glue or tape three strips of black paper whiskers to the end of the triangle. glue or tape the nose onto the end of the triangle, overlapping the whiskers.

Jan, if making an envelope out of a paper bag, i usually cut out a side and the entire bottom of the paper bag. then, i cut the remainder of the bag in half to give me a large piece of paper like the one shown above. trace around your envelope template.

place your envelope template on top of the paper be making an envelope out of. Animal paper bag puppets. need scissors, the printed puppets choose favorites from the set below, and a brown or white paper lunch bag for each puppet you want to make. how to make color your chosen animal or select a colored one and cut out both pieces.

glue the body to the sides of an upside down paper bag as shown in the. A paper lunch bag white or brown will work, purple paint or purple paper or color of your choice if making a different colored vampire a printer, some crayons, scissors, glue, paper optional big wiggly eyes.

print the template print out the template of choice color or colour as required and cut out the template pieces. Cut off any excess. step. trace the paw template onto paper and cut out. glue the paws onto the paper bag and add lines with a black marker.

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