Purse Template Paper Purses Crafts

Purse Template Paper Purses Crafts

Purse Template Paper Purses Crafts.

Step. trace the lions mane onto paper and cut out. cut out a rounded square in the middle of the mane and glue the mane onto the flap of the paper bag. Instant download. mother and baby paper bag puppets, and food printable page. cut out the patterns and glue or tape them to the paper bags.

glue on wiggle eyes or use the paper eye patterns from the otters food patterns. print out the otter food pictures and cut the pictures out. Aug, step cut large squares of card stock or construction paper and glue onto the paper bag. you want to glue on the side that the square bottom flaps up.

use scissors to trim off any excess paper from the sides. step trace the zebra hoof template onto paper and cut out. glue the hoofs onto the paper bag. step Then, cut out two brown circles for the head. next, cut out a red turkey gobble. finally, cut out two brown wings for your paper bag turkey craft start by gluing the beak, turkey gobble, and eyes to one of the brown circles.

while you wait for that to dry, staple the second circle onto the top of the bag. then, glue the wings onto the sides of. Mar, cut out the template, trace to corresponding construction paper, and cut out. affix the inside of the ears and combine the eyepieces.

attach all of the template pieces use the tabs for the ears to hold the glue and affix. fold over a small piece of the tail and affix it to the bottom of the puppet under the mouth section. Shepherd out of control when walking which computer was out in worn out sphincter.

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