En Patterns Cards Card Bases Boxes Bags

En Patterns Cards Card Bases Boxes Bags

En Patterns Cards Card Bases Boxes Bags.

Print the marshmallow writing templates and cut out. write the steps for how to make on them. put the marshmallow templates together in the correct order. place them on top of the paper bag. fold the paper bag over the marshmallow templates. staple down the side of the.

Trace the mermaids tail template onto and cut it out. use glue to attach the tail to the back of the paper bag, aligning it with the colored paper. use crayons or markers to color in the seashell bra. cut out and glue each piece to the front of the paper bag as shown.

next, trace the hair template onto colored paper and cut it out. Step cut large squares of card stock or construction paper and glue onto the paper bag. you want to glue on the side that the square bottom flaps up. use scissors to trim off any excess paper from the sides.

step trace the zebra hoof template onto paper and cut out. glue the hoofs onto the paper, instructions. download the free template in our freebie library and print it out. cut it out. cut out the broken lines to create flaps. fold the solid lines. use your ruler to guide you in making a perfect crease.

glue the side flap together. the Paper cows. print out these templates cow body template and cow leg template like any paper template, it would work out better if you printed it out on card stock, but this is optional.

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