Cut along the dotted lines this will be the bags bottom. younger kids may need help with this it can be prior to colouring. you need two large bag templates to make one large bag. place both of the cut out templates before you, face up. Step cut slits through the middle of both sides of the roof with a craft knife.

step trace the door and curtain patterns onto colored paper. outline in silver, and cut out. step cut out the windows in the door with the craft knife. outline them with silver marker. draw a doorknob on the door. glue the door and curtains to the bag.

Feb, instructions download the paper bag bunny template, print and cut out the pieces. measure out the bottom section of the brown paper bag and cut out a piece of colored card stock in the same dimension. place the white belly in the middle of the paper you glued in step and glue in place.

glue Add arms, legs, a body, and skull to a paper bag and have a skeleton puppet. this witch is too sweet to be scary color, cut, and glue this paper bag puppet as a fun activity. create a jolly paper bag puppet. color, cut, and glue this holiday character together.

Color as required and cut out the template pieces. get familiar with your paper bag going to walk through this slowly, so bear with me. look at your paper bag. it should be closed and flat like a piece of paper. just like when they are brand new. on one side, its all smooth.

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