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Play sport, earn more

Samandeep Chohan

Makis Karteros

Posted: October 19, 2014

Simon Shibli, Professor of Sport Management at Sheffield Hallam University, believes that graduates participating in sport tend to earn more than those who do not.

Shibli, speaking at the 2014 EASM Conference also says sport can provide graduates with employability skill that employers value highly such as teamwork. After analysing a set number of households, Shibli and his research team identified underlying factors concerning household income which demonstrate that sports participation and volunteering are positively associated with higher household incomes.

Shibli went on to state on to state how sports participation and volunteering can develop those much prized hard and soft skills.

The research team divided the sample of around 6,000 graduates into four market segments;

-People who took part in sport;

-People who took part in sport including volunteering;

-Gym only participants; and

-People who took part in no sport

The results were conclusive. Individuals who participate in some sort of sporting activity generally earn more than individuals who do not. Building on this statement, Shibli said, sport can create a platform from which graduates can gain a competitive advantage in the jobs’ market by being able to demonstrate how their teamwork and organisational skills as well as their personal resilience can add value to the businesses of prospective employers.

About Samandeep Chohan

Samandeep is a recent Sport Management graduate at Coventry University who is seeking employment in the world of sport. He has worked in the ticketing and sales department for Coventry City Football Club, organised and coached sporting events and written for sporting blogs from the age of 16. Samandeep’s email address –

About Makis Karteros

Makis is currently writing a PhD on investment in human capital and its impact on football club’s performance.  He has been involved in the sports industry in many ways having worked for professional football clubs, media organisations and IT companies, in Greece and India.