What is The Scorecard?

The Scorecard explores, explains and analyses key issues in the business and management of sport.

It publishes work written by the world’s leading academic thinkers in the fields of business, management and sport.

The Scorecard is the only website of its kind and aims to:

  • Generate unique, value-adding academic insights into the business and management of sport that will enhance the understanding of fans, the media, organisations in sport and the general public;
  • Provide insights into sport that are timely, analytical and relevant;
  • Promote the expertise and profile of academics among and across a global audience of key stakeholders.

What does The Scorecard publish?

The Scorecard publishes work that can take a number of forms, including:

  • Opinion pieces about a particular aspect of the business and management of sport;
  • Insights into an aspect of the business and management of sport based on new research;
  • Insights into an aspect of the business and management of sport based on previous literature or existing research;
  • A synopsis of research being undertaken that is ‘live and ongoing’;
  • A case study that highlights a particular issue or challenge that explains how it was addressed;
  • An interview with a key figure from the world of the business and management of sport;
  • Local, domestic, international or global perspectives on issues in the business and management of sport;
  • Reviews of relevant books, monographs, papers, conferences, events or other relevant activities.

Other new, innovative or creative forms of content are also welcome.

In what areas does The Scorecard publish work?

The Scorecard publishes work about any sport – from football to tennis, motorsport to golf, and basketball to skiing.

The site publishes work in the following areas of business and management, and more:

  • Strategy; accounting and finance; economics; marketing; human resources; IT; law; supply chain management and international business;
  • Corporate social responsibility and ethics; entrepreneurship and governance; organisational behaviour;
  • Professional sport; global sport; elite sport; amateur sport; and grassroots sport;
  • Fans and customers; athletes and coaches; clubs and teams;
  • Leagues and competitions; events and tournaments; stadiums and venues;
  • Commercial and non-commercial partners; governing bodies and representative associations; intermediaries and athlete representatives;
  • Suppliers, retailers and other outlets for sport;
  • Traditional and new media outlets;
  • Places and spaces; local economic, social and other relevant projects/initiatives

What are the benefits of publishing work on The Scorecard?

There are numerous benefits to publishing with The Scorecard; including:

  • An opportunity to share thoughts, opinions, analysis and comment on issues in the business and management of sport;
  • An opportunity to launch or showcase research in the area of the business and management of sport;
  • An opportunity to disseminate and share work, and engage with a range of stakeholders from across sport;
  • An opportunity to highlight the academic and practical relevance of work in which you are engaged;
  • An opportunity to open-up a debate in sport around key issues in business and management.

How can a submission be made to The Scorecard?

Submissions to The Scorecard will typically be no less than 500 words and no more than 1000 words in length. Longer or shorter postings may be considered.

Submissions to The Scorecard should be clear, logical and well-written. Moreover, while the use of academic theories and concepts is encouraged, it is also important that submissions are accessible to a wide readership.

Although there is no prescribed format for a submission to The Scorecard, it is important that the structure, content and tone of submissions are appropriate. Where referencing is used, submission authors should use the Harvard System.

When submitting a piece to The Scorecard, authors should include their name, organisational affiliation and contact details. Authors may also include a personal biography of no more than 50 words.

Prior to submitting a piece to The Scorecard, authors should ensure that they have permission to use content that has not been created by them.

The Scorecard upholds high ethical standards in publishing work, and pieces published by the site will be consistent with this principle.

Submissions should be sent to: Professor Simon Chadwick, Editor, The Scorecard S.M.Chadwick@salford.ac.uk

In all matters pertaining to the publication of work by The Scorecard, the Editor’s decision will be final.

The Scorecard Advisory Panel

The Scorecard is edited by Professor Simon Chadwick, Salford University Manchester (UK), with assistance from Dr Michael Goldman, University of San Francisco (USA).


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